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4 Generations of Hand Crafted Plaster

Chicago Ornamental Plastering

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What We Do…

Ornamental Plaster

We provide many services and techniques to enhance any setting, including the creation of original ornamental plaster designs and custom decorative finishing treatments. Learn More…

Historical Restoration

Chicago Ornamental Plastering uses historically accurate materials and practices to restore or conserve period plaster. Our craftsmen approach each project as an opportunity and privilege to preserve the architecture we take such pride in today. Learn More…

Custom Fabrication

Chicago Ornamental Plastering craftsmen are skilled model and mold makers. From delicate ornamentation to larger statuary, our expertise in custom fabrication or modification of ornamental details separates us from a typical catalog or supply house.  Learn more…

Decorative Finishes

Let Chicago Ornamental Plastering transform your space with a custom decorative plaster finish. We offer a wide variety of plaster finishes such as Venetian, marmorino & waxed plasters, stenciled plaster, lime washes and scagliola.  Learn more…

Exterior Plaster & Stucco

We produce traditional cement stucco and lime mortar stucco. With a wide variety of flat, textured and colored finishes, we work not only on residential and historical projects but also commercial applications such as overhangs, canopies and wet areas like pool or shower ceilings. Learn more…

What Our Customers Say…

We have been using Chicago Ornamental Plastering for many years. They are a family owned business and our company has over 50 years of experience with them.

Robert Rigali
Daprato Rigali Studio

From local flat plaster to the most complex proscenium arch removal and reinstallation at Northrop Auditorium on the Campus of the University of Minnesota, and the plaster conservation at the Cathedral of St. Louis in New Orleans, they come through with excellent results… These guys can cast anything.

B. Gunar Gruenke
Conrad Schmitt Studios